DIY Paper Lanterns with Punched Hole Designs


Did this activity with my 6 year old over the weekend. It was pretty simple – I drew a few designs on colored construction paper.


With thumb tacks we punched holes on the design.


Here is my little one who loves to do arts and crafts busy with the activity.


I then rolled the paper and taped the edges together to make a cylinder. And a tea light is lit inside.


I made a few more free hand designs on different colored paper. Loved the effect of these lanterns.


Simple, took about an hour and half to make 5 of these.

Cost us next to nothing! 2-3 sheets of construction paper and tealights. Thumb tacks to punch holes, that’s it!

Kept my little one engaged and loved doing this together with him – quality time together.

Builds hand eye coordination for little ones.

Great for decorating around Diwali or other festivals.




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