Involve Kids And Have Fun with vegetables


My 3 year olds like to watch me cook and often ask questions about what I am doing and what I am adding. They always want to help. So, as I was getting ready to chop different vegetables in preparation to make a dish, I got the kids involved.


They picked out the different vegetables from the fridge and handed each one to my husband and me for chopping. We talked about their colors and tasted them raw.


They searched around the kitchen and found matching cups in the same color as the vegetables. For the ones that they couldn’t find a match, they came up with alternatives.


We laid out all the vegetables as a rainbow and talked about VIBGYOR and how the colors combine to make white color.  (Too much info for 3 1/2 yr olds, I know)


Later they enjoyed the dish that they had helped make.


Involving kids in the cooking process can possibly extend the cooking time. But it gets them interested in food, brings some awareness about the ingredients, can be a learning experience and most importantly it can be a wonderful bonding experience!





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