Learning and Bonding during a Power Outage



Last night we had a power outage in our area for about an hour and half. We lit a candle and sat in the family room. And then my 5 year olds started playing some word games, asking questions, etc. When it was my turn to ask a question, I asked the kids “how do candles burn? what is needed for it to burn?”

They wondered about it and then said wax and wick. I was impressed and reminded them of oxygen. And to demonstrate to them how it needs oxygen, I brought a glass and put it over the candle. They saw how the candle burned out slowly and noticed that if we pulled the glass out in time, it would continue burning. They thought it was magic! :) And played it for a while.


photo (3)

Next they wanted to do shadow games and tried to make different animal shadows on the wall. We made hearts joining our hands.


It was only for an hour before we went to bed, but we had put away all electronics. Sat together as a family. Talked. Played. Learned something new about candles. It was great. I was telling my husband that we should turn off the powder for an hour every week and do this regularly!




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