Roots Box Science Project



This was the science project we picked for my 5 year old’s science fair at school. It seemed an appropriate topic for my little one who is always collecting seeds and bringing them home to plant in the yard. This project needed some preparation which we started a couple of weeks before the day of the fair.



First we selected a few seeds we had around the house such as Moong Beans, Urad Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Peas and Black Eyed Beans.



Then, we found a glass jar and he stuffed some paper towels into it.




He poured some water into the jar to moisten the towels. And then stuck in the seeds snugly on the sides.






We planted seeds in separate jars every few days to show different stages of growth during the science fair presentation. And watered the jars regularly to keep the towels moist. My little one was very excited to see the seeds sprout and the roots and leaves grow.


We then read about roots and its importance, the types of roots, its functions, etc. My little one wrote some of things he had learnt about roots.








And we put all this on a board and took the jars to the science fair. I even pulled out a carrot that was growing in our yard to show its roots.  My kid presented his project excitedly!


School Presentation





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