A Five Course Meal for kids – Restaurant Style

I brought the restaurant dining experience home by serving my 3 year olds a fancy looking multi-course meal using healthy everyday food. Basically I split up the meal into several small portions and served each course one after the other. This way the kids weren’t overwhelmed by one larger meal and finished each course faster as they looked forward to the next course.

The fun was in using different unconventional serve ware for each course.


First Course – Soup in these tiny wine glasses. It disappeared fast!


Second Course – A small portion of rice, lentils, and oven roasted seasonal vegetables served in mini loaf pans.

The outcome – they wanted to eat it all on their own and did not want any help finishing the entire thing 🙂


Third Course – Pan fried tofu on parasol toothpicks.

They love tofu and paneer, so they were excited and gobbled these up 🙂


Fourth Course – Organic plain yogurt topped with blueberries in baby food jars.

I use these baby food jars in many ways and they are perfect for serving a small portion of food or a snack. I thought they would be full by now, but they wanted cup cakes!


Fifth Course – Half a red velvet cup cake each in little tea cups. Looks fancy and the handles make it easier for the kids to hold on to while they eat.

After they had finished four courses, I was obliged to give this to them!

Just by using unconventional serve ware and playing the restaurant game by serving many courses, my kids had enjoyed a fancy looking healthy everyday meal.