Aluminum linked to Alzheimers?

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Recently in a cooking show I was watching, the host mentioned that care should be taken that the aluminum foil should not touch the food directly as it is linked to cause Alzheimers. First time I had heard of it!

I wanted to find out for myself. Verdict after reading from various reputed sites is that it is still uncertain.

Here’s one article ..

“Most researchers no longer regard aluminum as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. However, some researchers are still examining whether some people are at risk because their bodies have difficulties in handling foods containing the metals copper, iron, and aluminum.”

You can find more details here –

Personally, I might avoid aluminum as much as possible. But once in a while I do use aluminum foil. The amount that gets into food may be small.

On another note, there are more eco-friendly alternatives we can use, such as silicone liners, reusable glass or cast iron baking dishes, etc.