Birthday Return Gifts – Lunch and Snack Boxes

This year for the kids birthday I wanted something that would last and be useful. So decided to do lunch/snack boxes for return gifts.

At school, each of my boys (twins) have about 24 to 25 kids in their class. So I got small snack boxes (Sistema) for each kid.


And the kids helped me fill them up with animal crackers.

2016-08-29_040456603_e4039_ios 2016-08-29_040653643_81fb7_ios

That along with a juice box and a small candy were put in brown bags for each kid.

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It came to about $2-$3 a piece. But atleast it can be used for some time.

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Some of the parents were later appreciating the snack box idea.

With the same theme, I got lunch boxes for the boy’s birthday party return gifts. Got a couple of different bento style boxes (Laptop Lunches and Smart Planet) for younger kids and single bigger boxes for the older kids.

2016-09-16_213245032_8d332_ios 2016-09-04_192316859_ad291_ios 2016-09-08_215819313_64457_ios

Along with those, we also made Trail Mix prepared with “Pretzels, Gummy Bears, Animal Crackers, Raisins, Roasted Peanuts, Chocolate Chex Cereal” and packed in bags. And a Wild Kratts Creature Power Disc sugar cookie (decorated my moi at home – birthday theme was Wild Kratts).

2016-09-11_011422801_643c5_ios 2016-09-11_011409558_55fed_ios


Kids loved the snacks! Several parents told me that they loved the boxes as well. I hope these will be useful and last long!