Deepavali, The Festival Of Lights (2016)!

Deepavali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest festivals of India. Preparation starts a few days in advance by getting the house ready, cleaning up all over, displaying decorations, making lots of sweets and savories. Family and friends visit and meet each other during the festival, everyone wears new clothes, festive foods are prepared, the house is adorned inside out with lots and lots of lamps/lights/diyas, and crackers and fireworks are burst during the day and night.

This year Diwali was over a weekend and I had family visiting. But it had been so hectic until the days leading to the festival that I had no time to prepare anything in advance. House wasn’t cleaned or decorated and I had only somehow managed to make a couple of sweets very late in the night.

But having family visiting was the motivation to kick start. We went to a friend’s place for a Diwali party on Friday evening after work and came back very very late. Next morning, I just didn’t feel like cooking anything as I needed to first clean up the place. So after taking the family to the park for a bit of fresh air and relaxation and eating an awesome lunch out, we came home and cleaned up and did some decorations and lights.

My little ones helped in making these glass gems rangoli..

2016-10-29_21-48-51_656 2016-10-29_21-47-23_581


And we also setup this Kandil, the first one I’ve ever made! I made the little hanging lanterns and this over the previous weekend.


And we also setup the new solar path lights and the laser projector lights outside.

Added a bit more decorations and a lot of lights! I usually go overboard with lights and place them all over the house and outside.

2016-10-29_21-45-15_074 2016-10-29_21-44-39_5322016-10-29_21-42-56_954 2016-10-30_032732502_de7b8_ios 2016-10-29_21-42-48_543

And then we all dressed up, did the pooja and enjoyed the Badam Burfi I’d made for prasad!


After a simple dinner, it was time for some simple mehndi while we hung out.

2016-10-31_054848125_98956_ios 2016-10-31_062839353_1b655_ios

Sunday was a lazy morning, was too tired. But by afternoon, we had more family visiting and started preparing dinner as well. Lots more lights and diyas in the evening and some singing followed a scrumptious dinner!


We had a bunch of homemade sweets and (not home made) savories..

2016-10-31_035504186_14d9e_ios 2016-10-31_034138423_866d9_ios 2016-10-31_034204578_c86be_ios 2016-10-31_035541713_faed5_ios2016-10-31_035521532_553c6_ios

And dinner turned out great as well! My little one claimed that this is now his favorite Rice 🙂 And we had Cucumber Raita, hot Poori, Potato Sagu, Kadai Paneer that my husband made, Chole, Mango Srikhand and Mango Ras.

2016-10-31_035636654_a55b8_ios 2016-10-31_035641291_00812_ios 2016-10-31_035733025_5a0d5_ios 2016-10-31_035658470_efa55_ios 2016-10-31_035652365_9f362_ios 2016-10-31_035646528_c74cd_ios 2016-10-31_035538711_6946e_ios 2016-10-31_035534275_1bd3b_ios

Couldn’t move after eating this meal! lol


To me Deepavali is about meeting and spending time with family and friends, cleaning up and decorating, brightening the space with lots of twinkling lights, wearing festive clothes, eating festive food, singing, mehndi, relaxing and doing things we like to do.