Harry Potter Great Hall Diorama

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Both my husband and I read all the Harry Potter books and watched all the movies back when they came out. And this October we took our 8 year olds to Harry Potter world in Orlando!! Prior to that I watched the 1st movie with the boys and they loved it and loved everything about the Harry Potter World!!

And then one of them started reading the books and hasn’t stopped since. In the last 2-3 months he’s finished the first 6 books and is on the last one in the series now!!

Around the same time he had to write a book report for school and make a diorama. Ofcourse he picked Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. We were a bit skeptical, but he was strong willed and did it! Am very proud of his efforts.

We did help with the diorama of the Great Hall (that he picked) and he did a good deal of work. He built the tables, benches, etc with Lego and a lot of paper cutting and coloring for students, house flags, etc. We were all very thrilled at how it turned out. His teacher kept it for a few weeks so that everyone could see.


Hermione, Harry and Ron at the Gryffindor table..


The Sorting Hat!

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