Harry Potter Chocolates and Candy

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If you’ve read the Harry Potter book series or watched the movies, you’d know the fun chocolates and candies mentioned in there, and how much the kids loved them πŸ™‚ For my twins Harry Potter birthday, I wanted to give some Harry Potter themed chocolates and candies to the kids.

I made a Honeydukes board to hang on the wall as decoration, with some pictures from our trip to Honeydukes (Orlando) and candies on them.

There were homemade Chocolate Frogs, and we also bagged Jelly Beans for the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean, and a Ferrero Rocher as Golden Snitches!

As always I forget or get so busy before the event, and end up with very few pictures. I had placed all the chocolates and candies in these white trays, but as you see, all gone πŸ™‚