Paper Snow Flakes!

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We usually make all the decorations for parties and a few years back, the theme for Christmas party was “Let it Snow“!!  ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

We made tons of paper snow flakes.. ❄️ a lot of cutting! :) Kids learned to make their first paper snow flakes ❄️❄️!! My husband stuck them on the large windows with my directions on where each one should go.. yes I have OCD :)

For me the way the windows looked were the best of all the decorations we did that Christmas! I loved it. And we had plenty of fun as a family making these!!  ❄️❄️

We also made a little paper snow flake wreath  ❄️❄️ that went over the kitchen window with a few ornaments hung from the ceiling here and there.  ❄️❄️

PaperSnowFlake1 PaperSnowFlake2 PaperSnowFlake3

PaperSnowFlake6 PaperSnowFlake7 PaperSnowflake8PaperSnowFlake4PaperSnowFlake5