“Under the sea” & “Beach” themed 4th birthday party for my twins

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My kids are very much into animals and we had just made a trip to San Diego for their actual birthday. So they were thrilled about the themes – under the sea and beach.

I usually make all the decorations at home, by hand. And as far as possible I try to use materials I can recycle or repurpose. And my kids love to help in making the decorations, so I involve them wherever possible. It can sometimes slow things down, but it is all about making memories.

As twins, they share a birthday and we celebrate it together. But I still try to keep some separation. For example, the inside of the house was decorated in “under the sea” theme for one kid, while the backyard was decorated in “beach” theme for the other kid. They have their own separate cakes and we sing separately too.

We set the mood right from the front door and entryway with these under the sea decorations.. Made these crabbies with the kids hand and foot prints!


Origami Fishes made using Time magazine paper were spread out on the walls..


One of my little one and I made this painting 🙂



Inside the house, the under the sea theme continued. I used colorful tissue paper on the ceiling all around the rooms to give the feeling of being under the sea and hung several sea animals all around.

I had used empty water bottles to make individual wall hangings at another time for another party. I used them here to make a 4, thought it went well with the theme.


Here I used the kid’s dolphin stuffed toy, hung from the ceiling, to give the illusion that it is floating.


The sea turtle, spiky fish and jelly fish were made with cardboard boxes cut into shapes and painted by me. I used bubble wrap stripes for the jelly fish tentacles.


The theme continued. Sea horse was also cut from a cardboard box and painted. The small jelly fishes were made with egg carton painted by the kids, with bubble wrap for tentacles. Sea anemone were made with junk mail paper.


Octopus was again made from a cardboard box, cut and painted. I love how all the sea animal cardboard paintings turned out!


Kids had made these star fishes at school and I incorporated them as well.


More origami fishes on the windows and the bubbles are plastic water bottle bottoms (left over from my bottle hanging project).


Ofcourse there has to be a treasure chest under the sea! Filled with gold balls – chocolates.


For food, we had the menu set to go with the theme as well. Some of the items were Shell Pasta, Spaghetti, Croissant Sandwich in the shape of a crab, Cucumber Sandwich, Jelly Sandwich, Goldfish snack, Cheese cut into triangles or shark teeth!

The food tags were regular card paper (from packaging) that were painted with chalkboard paint. My husband carved the watermelon in the shape of a shark!



In the backyard, we had the beach theme. And also a jumpy house, as requested by the kids, for entertainment.

I made this birthday banner for the kid’s 2nd birthday and its been used ever since. The colors are beachy.


The colorful lanterns that are hanging were made for a friend’s baby shower. But the parasols lend to the beach theme as well!


I like pom poms since they can be reused and are elegant. All these different pom poms were made previously for different occasions.


The Shark Attack Photo Booth was loved by all. Kids had fun taking pictures for something to remember by 🙂


Message in a bottle! We asked the guests to write a message for each of the birthday boys and the kids had so much fun reading them the next morning. The cute octopuses were made with toilet paper roll, painted by kids.


The cakes and cupcakes were all made at home. I made a cake for each of the boys, one in each theme. They were so excited! I also made several cupcakes which were decorated with parasols for beach theme and sea animals using candy for under the sea theme.


And I had fruit arrangements in empty tin cans that were painted, for each of the kid to take home.


Throwing a birthday party for twins is almost like throwing two birthday parties on the same day. But all in all, it was a wonderful party! My kids enjoyed it immensely and still remember it. They each felt special about their theme and their cakes. I had a great time planning and preparing for the party and was happy to find some creative ways to reuse and recycle materials I had around the house.