Mango and Peanut Salad

Who says salads are boring!? This one is mixed with mango, peanuts, cranberries and a whole lot of goodness!!

1 Bag Organic Baby Spring Mix (Trader Joe’s)

1 large Mango cubed

Handful of Cranberries

Handful of Peanuts, lightly crushed

Asian style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette (Trader Joe’s)


Mix it all up! And Enjoy!!

A piece of fresh bread on the side and a glass of wine – delish!


Whether you want it as a starter, or as a light meal by itself.. perfect!MangoPeanutSalad4

Pick up some fresh french bread for ciabatta.. goes very well with the salad


This is something the whole family will enjoy.. yes my kids eat salads!


Some fresh flowers and candle to relax on a summer evening..MangoPeanutSalad6