Fancy Five Course Meal for Kids

You may recall that when my kiddos were 3 years old, I served them a 5 course special meal, restaurant style. They loved it and often remember it and read about it on thibu – A Five Course Meal for kids – Restaurant Style

A couple of weeks ago, my son asked me for a fancy restaurant style 5 course meal for Valentine’s day dinner. So last night, the day after Valentine’s day, I made this for the kids 🙂

We decided on the menu in the morning, a fairly simple one with some of their favorites and requests. In the evening, when I told them the dinner was ready, they went and changed into new clothes 🙂 We had some nice music in the background and they were all excited and all set!

We started off with drinks, Orange Bubbly (Fanta) in Champagne flutes.

The First Course was Caprese Salad.. Slices of Tomatoes and Mozzarella Cheese with Basil, sprinkled with Salt and Pepper.

The Second Course was Corn Soup.. Fresh corn cooked in vegetable broth, flavored with taco seasoning and garnished with cilantro.

The Third Course was Avocado Toast.. Mashed Avocados flavored with Salt and Lemon juice, garnished with Cilantro, and Topped on French Bread. Some Tomato and Onion on top. One of my son does not like Onion, so his didnt have it.

The Fourth Course was Shakshuka.. Baked in ramekins with Egg for my son who likes eggs, and with Tofu for my other son who does not like it.

The Fifth Course was the dessert course. I’d baked some eggless Brownies and made some candy covered Strawberries.

We could see that they were quite full by the fourth course, but made it through because they knew what was coming up for dessert 🙂 They thoroughly enjoyed each of the courses, savoring each dish.

Kids are generally attracted to the way food is presented. And when served in a special way like this, they are even more excited about the experience! Aren’t we all!! 🙂